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Next Generation Business Management Software-as-a-Service

TeraBiz Platform is an end-to-end business productivity platform. It offers seamless view of your entire business operations including customers, suppliers, vendors, assets, workforce, inventory, orders, transactions, books, analytics. TeraBiz Platform can help your business multiply its business productivity by connecting all of your business operations and process flows.

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How it Works



Signup and subscribe to one or more products. After you signup you will receive an email. Follow the instructions in the email.



Setup your company information and add users, suppliers and buyers.


Monitor and Manage

Manage your business in the cloud. Manage and monitor workforce, sales, purchases, invoices, payments and accounting online.


TeraBiz Network
  • Discover qualified suppliers, speed up your sourcing cycles, and create the most competitive, best-value agreements for sustainable savings with all your sourcing needs.
  • Easily search for potential suppliers using TeraBiz Network based on industries, business categories.
  • Review supplier profile information and their product and services catalog before contacting them
  • Send invitations to
  • Send RFQs for potential purchases and get quotes from other suppliers in the network and select the best quote
  • Follow companies in the network and get real-time updates when they publish additional information.
  • You can manage marketing campaigns and communication with your customers and followers.

Supplier Management

  • If your preferred supplier is not in the network, you can easily send an invitation to join the network and they will be notified by email and SMS. TeraBiz Supplier Enablement team will work with you and help onboard your suppliers.
  • Exchange Service Level Agreements and other contractual agreement documents that are required as part of onboarding and qualification process.
  • Supplier self-service in the cloud via TeraBiz Network makes it easy for suppliers to maintain their own information
  • Keep vendor master data current through supplier self-service information management in the cloud
  • 360 analysis of supplier performance based on transactions and collaboration and mitigate your supply chain risk

Product E-Catalogs and Inventory Management

  • Using several wizard tools you can easily create product catalogs
  • Central inventory management for Multi Warehouse locations
  • Easy Lot management using step by step wizard tools which captures, the quality of the goods received in the lot.

Shipping Management

  • Create shipping delivery assignments using a wizard and assign various purchase orders to a single shipping assignment.
  • Generate Automatic Shipping Notification (ASN) and easily notify buyer
  • Buyers can easily track location of shipment using maps

Dedicated Account Manager

  • Based on your subscription levels, a dedicated account manager will work with you to meet your daily needs for indents, purchase orders, invoices, shipping and GST automation.

Trade Collaboration

  • Streamline you entire buying and settlement process using automated processes on TeraBiz Network
  • Research shows that company spend significant amount of time, resources and money in sending Indents, receiving purchase order quote, invoices, shipping and payment. TeraBiz can eliminate the manual intervention and reduce your costs exponentially by reducing the buying cycles, cutting supply costs and lower the processing costs.
  • Automate your procure-to-pay process in the cloud, where you’ll connect and collaborate with your suppliers more efficiently and effectively. Straight-through processing of indents, purchase orders and invoices significantly reduces overhead and costs to your organization.
  • End-to-end automation and collaboration on orders, change orders, confirmations, cancellations, and advance ship notices (ASNs)
  • Accelerate the sales cycle: Provide e-ordering and e-invoicing capabilities to customers within minutes; use e-catalogs to get accurate orders that you can quickly fulfill and bill; streamline customer communications with automated notifications and a user-friendly order collaboration dashboard.
  • Improve customer retention: Increase traction and strengthen relationships through open, flexible connectivity that links customer systems and processes with yours; become a valuable business partner by supporting customers’ e-commerce initiatives with automated capabilities that save time and money.
  • Automate your Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivables (AR) using streamlined process on the TeraBiz Network

GST Compliance and Automation

  • Product categories are readily available the master data. Each product category automatically is assigned HSN and GST rate to it so that when you create you product catalog in the cloud using product categories, GST is automatically calculated.
  • GST calculator is an easy to use tool for spend analysis for GST based on vendor/client/products.
  • Supplier invoices automatically calculate and show GST including SGST, CGST and IGST based on the buyer's bill-to and ship-to address.
  • Based on your subscription and membership levels, we also offer GST filing. This enables seamless automation GST

Staff Management

  • Using pre-created roles for selectively enabling features to various staff members and teams like finance, inventory, admin, CEO, CFO etc.
  • Manage staff by creating staff profiles.
  • Using simple to use Time entry tools, staff can report in and out times for the day and easily capture PTOs, holidays and working days.
  • Use the timesheet to seamlessly manage your payroll process
  • Using tasks and projects you can manage the work load and performance of your staff efficiently.
  • Company staff and efficiently communicate and collaborate in real time using several tools like activity feed, one-one chat and group chat tools. Users receive real-time notification of messages and events.
  • Track location of staff when they are working on sourcing tasks.

360 View of Analytics

  • Sales Analytics dashboards shows key performance metrics including sales trends, profits, cost. Comparison of Sales metrics various quarters, years helps you evaluate the performance of your business easily. Using growth trend metrics, you can easily review the performance by products and customers
  • Inventory Analytics dashboard shows key inventory metrics including inventory turnover, aging, stock value, product trends and low inventory details. Using these metrics, you manage and forecast inventory more efficiently by reducing your cost of goods and improving the inventory turnover. You can also easily create procurement requests for getting new inventory based on low inventory metrics.
  • CRM Analytics Dashboard shows key metrics like top customers, and other marketing metrics based on social footprint of your customers and followers. Using service metrics like indent approval time, invoicing time, average shipping time assess the performance and greatly improve customer satisfaction.
  • Company Analytics Dashboard shows several performance metrics of your staff based on location, tasks and projects completed and delayed and overdue. Get a snapshot of the staff working days, leaves, late arrivals etc.

Supply Chain Financing

  • Suppliers and buyers constantly looks for working capital financing options to facilitate and manage their transactions in timely manner. TeraBiz Network brings you easy access to various financing options.
  • Once you file your request for working capital loans, our preferred group of financing companies get notified instantly and you can get instant quotes right inside TeraBiz platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

TeraBiz is a cloud based next generation Business Management Software-as-a-Service. Our mission is to help businesses multiply their business productivity. Our suite of products built on TeraBiz Platform can help businesses increase their sales and outreach to their customers. Our products are design to help your business re-gain focus on their customers.

  • TeraBiz WorkForce empowers managers to make their sales teams be more productive by keeping track of various front office activities in sales process.
  • TeraBiz Trader, TeraBiz SpeedForce empowers your sales and back office teams to manage sales on the go. Sales team can manage customers, products and order and invoices on the go
  • TeraBiz BizFront empowers your customers to transact directly skipping the redtape. It allows them to send purchase order requests. At the same time business can get paid faster using this app.
  • TeraBiz Trader + TeraBiz SpeedForce + TeraBiz BizFront - these three apps when used together makes your sales teams more agile and revenue recognition faster while keeping your customers happy.
  • TeraBooks helps your business automate your back office processes like book keeping while giving you 360 view of your business performance.
  • TeraBiz Network is an enterprise/B2B procurement and sales enablement network. As a supplier or buyer, you can discover more companies to do business, connect and collaborate with them. As a supplier, you can manage your inventory, customers, transactions and taxes more seamlessly, intelligently and efficiently than ever before. As a buyer, you can easily onboard your existing suppliers to TeraBiz network. You can also find new suppliers, send RFQs to suppliers on the network and receive best offers from prospective suppliers.

As a supplier or buyer, you can discover more companies to do business, connect and collaborate with them. As a supplier, you can manage your inventory, customers, transactions and taxes more seamlessly, intelligently and efficiently than ever before. As a buyer, you can easily onboard your existing suppliers to TeraBiz network. You can also find new suppliers, send RFQs to suppliers on the network and receive best offers from prospective suppliers.

Your data security is our number one prority. From the time you create your company's profile, add users, create product catalogs, customers, purchase orders, invoices, all you data is 100% secure.We use 256-bit SHA encryption for any access to the website.

Our suport team also does not have access to your data from the database. We enable access to your data only to resolve any issues reported by you. So you can be rest assured that all your data is safe and secure.

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